The Oiled Equestrian

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Essential Oils for the Horse & Rider- WEBINAR

Are you in Control of Your Horse's Healthcare?

As an avid equestrian with over 25 years experience I thought I did, until in 2015 my horses began to develop a large amount of random and mysterious unexplained illnesses and symptoms. I was not getting the answers I needed, and my horse's health continued to decline with western medicine alone. I felt confused, frustrated, and useless as numerous veterinarians attempted to find a diagnosis. It can be a helpless feeling. I know because I've been there.

A New Chapter of Empowerment

I was first introduced to Essential Oils when my horse's massage therapist began using them in conjunction with his therapy appointments. I began to notice a difference in my horse- he didn't need as many massage and chiropractic appointments as often, his movement was more forward and free. I had my old horse back.  

 Are essential oils the absolute miracle cure for everything in life? Nope. However, since I began using them- they not only have made a significant change in my barn, but also in my home as well. 

And most importantly of all, they've empowered me to not only take charge of their health, but my health and the health of my family as well.   No longer do I feel helpless or dependent, and to me? It's PRICELESS!